Alley, 2011

Milk, 2011

Sketches 2

Corrected Vera Lutter, 2010

Sketches 1

The View of the Grave of Oscar Wilde Everyone Would Make (If They Could), 2010

No Exceptions

JC Penney, 2009

Xmas Special

A True Ghostbox

Toys R Us, 2009

I Think I’m in Love, Frederick Sommer

Official Word

Heard today from a contact at Kodak that the 400NC film will be discontinued in 8×10. The new Kodak 400 film will be available in 4×5 but no longer an 8×10 size. That leaves Kodak 160 as the only commercially made 8×10 color negative film left.

“And yes, for the new PORTRA 400 film, we will not be offering an 8X10 format…..the decision for doing this was based on sales of the current 400NC 8X10 product, which were very low.  However, this being said, if a dealer wanted to special order 8X10 format of the new Portra 400 film , we would certainly fulfill that special order.”

Anyone want to help sponsor the purchase of remaining 400 8×10 and a freezer? 😉