The Ten Year Project

For the 2nd half of my Guggenheim grant last year I proposed to compile the last ten years of work into one cohesive whole:

With each project informing the other, I see an edit of each chapter published together as one book.

I knew the process would in many ways be a grueling one, I can second guess every stage of every stage. There is also a sense of letting go of the lengthy journey that has as an artist given me direction, a place to point my sails if you will.
January and February of 2010 were the beginning of combing the vast archive from Retail to Dark Stores, etc. Many works. In March I had moquette 1 which I took to Fotofest to get some initial feedback. To my surprise the feedback was great and I left with financial support for the project and a plan for the book and exhibition. Though I felt the book itself was at the beginning of a long process of editing, design and content.

February 2010 Version

At this point it’s gone through many iterations. Small to large, chronological, non thematic, on and on. It seems silly to fret so much about something I’ve spent so much time laying out already but it’s simply too close. Luckily help has arrived and Lesley Martin and the folks at Aperture are uber proficient at giving perspective to a large archive of images.

August 2010 Version

At this point a lot is up in the air but in a good way, titles, edits, sequence and the inclusion of the many bits, documents, found objects and signage I’ve been digging from the depths of long dead retail. Needless I’m excited. So many photographers now are making books left and right, I can hardly imagine doing 2.

October 2010 Version

It all goes down this fall, September 2011 will be the publication of the book and the opening of a large exhibition organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art. The exhibition will be a traveling one so if you’d like to see it in your town, sign on!

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    Bring it to Madison! The MMoCA would probably pick that up.

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