I Heart Piece of Cake North America

Piece of Cake North America, Chicago Workshop, May 2010. Photo by Justin James Reed with shutter release by Jon Gitelson. Top Row from L: Timothy Briner, John Mann, Ofer Wolberger, Justin James Reed, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond. Bottom Row: Brian Ulrich, Kelli Connell, Amy Stein, Birthe Piontek, Cara Phillips, Matthew Gamber, Bill Sullivan. Not Pictured: Christian Patterson, Will Steacy, William Lamson, Stefan Ruiz

This October will mark the first year of the U.S. collaboration of friends and artists called Piece of Cake. Piece of Cake has been a European collective of artists since 2002. Begun by Charles Fréger, the group’s raison d’être is ‘to enable the artists to interact as they create, produce and distribute their works’.

In 2009, Cara Phillips approached me about the possibility of creating a North America faction of Piece of Cake. Charles and the Euro members has initiated the idea with her and she became the organizer of testing the waters to see if artists here in the states felt like a POC collective would be beneficial. Honestly my early reaction was based on the fact that I often operate this way regardless, without the strong community and network of artists and comrades I wouldn’t have had half the luck navigating the difficult sea of making my work a full time job. An email call for submissions was put forth and the Europeans POC’s made the votes on who would be the first US members.

The group has so far had 2 workshops, where all the US members (+ two Euro members) gather for a intense weekend of sharing work, crits, meetings with local professionals and general art debauchery (i.e. booze). I can’t write how wonderful it’s been to get to know all these talented people and feel their strong commitment to each other and their own work. We’ll define our antics as we move along.

This week marks one of our first outings. We’ll all be guest blogging on Laurel Ptak’s I Heart Photograph blog from Aug. 30th until Sept. 6th. My post is the first, check it here.

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