Confessions of a New Parent

Making the symbolic and triumphant journey from the hospital to our home is one evey parent will warn you of. “you’ll never look at the world the same again”, “you’ll drive slower and more careful than drivers education class”.

Ours was the usual excitement and careful driving. Looking past the city storefronts and bus stops, things do seem somewhat clearer. The messy roads, streets littered with down and outs, trash and all too familiar boarded up windows (should I be surprised?).

When we stop at the traffic light to make the turn 1 block away from our home, it’s not the new found perspective that is shocking but the woman sitting in a doorway speaking to an elderly man in a wheelchair. The woman procedes to lift her shirt up for the man to gaze upon potential merchandise of boob sandwich in a cheesy gold bra. She notices my dumbfoundedness at her reveal in full view at 6pm on a busy Chicago street and giggles. Perhaps as a way to secure a potential client or sugar daddy she begins to grab the wheelchair mans crotch. All the while smirking at the car full of newborn family.

In the backseat is my uncorrupted, fresh and angelic daughter, cooing to mom in her newly installed baby seat.

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