Aralie Caden Ulrich

Aralie 1 day old


Aralie home at last and contemplating...

After 4 long days of laboring we happily gave birth to our daughter Aralie Caden Ulrich at 9:59am July 20, 2010 7lb 12oz.

Aralie shares her birthday with some choice peeps:

1932 Nam June Paik, born in Seoul, Korea, video artist, Medium is the Medium
1938 Natalie Wood, Gypsy, Rebel Without a Cause
1939 Judy Chicago, Cohen, Chicago, artist, Dinner Party
1943 John Lodge, Birmingham, bassist, Moody Blues-Nights in White Satin
1945 John Lodge, born in Birmingham, England, musician, singer, songwriter, bass guitar player, member of The Moody Blues rock band, created songs ‘Candle of Life’, ‘Eyes of a Child’, ‘Send Me No Wine’
1946 Kim Carnes, born in Pasadena, California, rock vocalist, Bette Davis Eyes
1947 Carlos Santana, born in Mexico, rock guitarist, Santana-Black Magic Woman
1953 Thomas Friedman, American Journalist
1956 Paul Cook, London, rock drummer, Sex Pistols
1958 Billy Mays, born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, famous television pitchman, direct response advertising salesman for ‘As Seen on TV’ products, CEO, Founder, Mays Promotions, Inc.
1965 Stone Gossard, musician with Pearl Jam
1968 Chris Kennedy, actor, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
1980 Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian Model

We couldn’t be more tickled…

Liz Kuball was close on the day but off by 7ish hours. Zane Davis was even closer with his guess of Tues at 2pm (4hrs off) so Zane can expect a nice print from the archives. I’m off for a diaper change…


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    Congratulations to both of you! She’s adorable.

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    Congratulations, Brian! She’s beautiful, with a lovely name to match.

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