The Solo Project

Levis, 2009 (Detail)

It’s been since April since I’ve had barely a spare moment to write on the blog. I spent a month in Syracuse, NY doing a Lightwork residency; slowly made my way off crutches and casts to walk unhindered; returned to a whirlwind of ArtChicago; split again to the NYPH; had a 4 day intense meeting of photographers from the Piece of Cake collective here in town; all this while still editing a book; making new pictures; weekly childbirthing classes and preparing for fatherhood.

The trips have been curbed, the bags are packed and my wife and I are 4 weeks and counting to the due date of our first child. Wow.

For the time being my pictures will have to make the travels for me. This week 5 large prints and a neon sign by yours truly make their way across the pond to the annual Art Basel fairs. This fair ‘the Solo Project’ (no not a Bravo TV reality contest) is a fair in which invited galleries present a ‘solo’ exhibition of one or two of their artists work. A nice way to see work at a fair, especially photography (which more and more begs the context of the series or ‘project’ to get a proper understanding of intentions). My gallery from Munich, Galerie f5,6 will be showcasing my work along with the excellent and charming John Gossage. I only spoke to John on the phone once and I couldn’t be more tickled to have my pictures in the vicinity of his.

Say hello to my babies in Switzerland:

St. Jakobshalle
Br├╝glingerstrasse 19-21
CH-4052 Basel
June 16 – 20th

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