The End is Near

Last Friday I got the sad news of the demise of much of Fujifilms negative films. Yes I know boo hoo, shouldn’t I have seen this coming? Of course, indeed, but still tough as I simply enjoy the process of photographing with the 8×10 so much. Fuji will no longer make the wonderful Fuji S films (which I used for much of the Dark Stores in 8×10) or the even better Fuji 800 (all of the Retail pictures). While Kodak hasn’t announced anything yet, it’s only a matter of time that color neg film becomes a past language. In the meantime I’ll be filling up the fridge with whatever I can get my hands on (and hoping digi backs come down from 5 figure price tags).


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    I was at B & H a few days ago, and a staff member at the film counter shared his computer screen with me. It indicated that many of the Fuji films were being discontinued and were not to be reordered or back-ordered. Major bummer.

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    Mamiya 7 instead? Well, I guess that doesn’t solve anything really. Fuji’s too busy developing products like this, I suppose:

    PS. The Sizzler down the block here just went bust – would make a good one for you.

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    Yeah, I was pretty damned bummed by those discontinuations as well. There’s a lot of photography techniques that I have always wanted to try — 8×10 contact prints being one of them — that I am now realizing just plain won’t happen.

    So it goes.

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    Zane, I know a guy who can hit you up with some new old stock 😉

  5. Clif
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    What’s your source for this information? There seem to be a lot of contradictory rumors floating around with no official press release from fujifilm usa. Clearly fuji is discontinuing certain films, but also I’ve heard that 160s will simply be renamed 160NS and packaged in 20 sheet boxes going forward. Sadly, the future doesn’t look bright for my beloved T64 chrome film. Have a look at this thread on the LF forum

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    ‘Name’ at Fuji backed up the message from my local Calumet photo:

    Dear Brian Ulrich:

    Thank you for contacting FUJIFILM North America Corporation. Please
    allow us to assist you.

    We regret to inform you that the Fujicolor Pro160S is being discontinued
    and will no longer be in production after March 2010.

    We sincerely hope that this information has been beneficial to you. If
    you should have any further questions or concerns, please do not
    hesitate to contact us in the future. It would be our pleasure to
    assist you again.

    Thank you for your interest in FUJIFILM products and services.


    Name, Imaging Support Team
    Contact Center
    FUJIFILM North American Corporation

  7. Clif
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    Ugh! Thanks for sharing 🙁

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    Although I have been shooting digitally for a while now, I have been thinking about shooting film again for a couple of new projects. In fact I have been stalking Mamiya 7’s on ebay, what to do? I did come across a discussion board on flickr that linked to this site.
    This seems to be a press release from December, is it true or up to date, who knows. It is crazy though, digital has not caught up to 4×5’s let alone 8×10’s.

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    In Dec. they announced the end of that film in Europe, this last few weeks no more 4×5 or 160S or 800 in the US. They will be making 400 120/220 but for who knows how long.
    Stock up on Kodak while you can. And certainly dig around for whatever Fuji you can find. Who knows if a boutique film producer will step in like B+W films but wouldn’t count on it.

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