Kickstart the Git

I’m incredibly lucky to have such good friends. Proved last week on the Houston trip when Jon Gitelson and Ian Whitmore so generously and selflessly put up with their handicapped friend, his crutches and luggage as we traveled from Chicago to Houston and back. Being on crutches means no carrying (one of the worst parts, try handling coffee!) and Jon and Ian went way out of their way to make sure their buddy got fed and caffeinated every day.

Well in the spirit of our Chicago friend lovefest, Jon Gitelson is asking for your help with his own project self publishing his excellent book Scavenger Hunt. You can donate a dollar or thousands and I guarantee Jon will be your friend for life even if you just send him a nice email. He’s also offering prints, a spread from the book or a signed copy in exchange for your support.

Donate to his project on here

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