NM Rocks (rox?)

Winrock Shopping Center, Albuquerque, NM, 2010

In January, Ian Whitmore and I took a trip to the dramatic landscape of Albuquerque, NM, myself to make the above picture, among others.

We had also had the pleasure of hanging with some of artists in the area. David Bram (also of Fraction Magazine), David Ondrick, Johnathan Blaustein made the trek down from the mountain for food and beers. Johnathan is not only a prolific photographer but great debater of politics. Fun all around.

I’ll never get over the fact of the impact of the super close mountains in almost every direction in that town. Surreal to be reminded of such a force of the earth at every traffic light.

Clearly there is something in the air in NM and aside from all the great energy coming from Santa Fe, Albuquerquians are producing some great things aside from their own photographs. Take a gander at the new issue of Fraction Magazine which features some very recent work by yours truly alongside, Johnathan Blaustein, Liz Kuball, Gordon Stettinius, John Divola and a review of the Versus show from Mary Goodwin of Lightwork.

Today I was happy to see the new issue of Flash Flood announced in the inbox. Flash Flood features some excellent writing, reviews and smart interviews and is put together by Johnathan Blaustein, David Ondrik, Melanie McWhorter, and Jennifer Schlesinger.

Good things abound in the NM hills.

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