Black Friday in February

Last month we finally sat down to jury the Picture Black Friday project. I promised accolades to the winner. I’ll be honest it was tough looking over all these works and not feeling like some were pictures I have thought about, or that some appeared a bit too editorial for my taste or that a few really went too far away from the ‘theme’. Not exactly an easy challenge to ask someone to run out, make work on a common theme and give it a fresh perspective. That being said, there were some pretty great ones out of the bunch. I particularly loved the work of Alex Boerner, Matt Gamber (though I would’ve preferred the object over the photograph), Ruben Natal San Miguel has a great portrait of a flower seller (recalling John Thomsen?), Catie McCabe makes great reference to those ‘day-traders-with-hands-on-head’ pictures from last year, and Shawn Rocco makes one of my absolute favorite pictures of them all. Sentimental?… maybe but honest and clearly a difficult picture to make.

Winner goes to buddy (and fellow mall-breaker-inner), Sandy Carson.

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