Ankle Death

Back in my BMX days there was a fun flowing trick named the ‘Ankle Death’ due to the precarious position one ended up in at the end of the trick. I’ve done probably a million Ankle Deaths as well as jump over everything from a highway to my dad in a contest all while stunting any number of maneuvers such as no feet, no hands, handlebars spininng, etc… It seemed as if I could fall from 20 feet to the ground and bounce back with at worst a series of shin and elbow scrapes.

A few weeks ago I turned 39 and clearly my cheating death days are over. This thought came clear to me through a barrage of profanity while attempting the extreme stunt of walking the dog in my backyard. Add a sheet of ice and I went from hero to zero in moments, in some of the most terrific pain I’ve known. Not only did this casual slip trump any BMX fall, it managed to break my leg at the ankle in two places.

In a way a forced slowdown is much needed, I’m looking forward to some major editing and could also use the downtime to get back to the mountain of unrelating email. Though on day 3 of crutches, I’m ready to get on back on the road.

My Guggenheim grant officially ends in June. My wife and I are happily expecting our first child in July. The self declared pressure is on and the editing begins on culling 9+ years of photographs into some semblance of a book (at least that’s the plan). It’s daunting to face not only how to make this work but also to close a large chapter of such a large focus of my life and move into the next phase (albeit one filled with diapers and strollers). I made the first step, leaving the BMX with my nephews 😉 To be continued indeed….

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