Caption and Hous

Just made a 14 hour drive from warm Florida in time to have one day to catch up in the studio, pack and head out again.
Tonight is the opening of Instruments of Empire at the Caption Gallery in Brooklyn. Amy Stein and I collaborated with Caption and Lyle Rexer to put together a 2 person that presents work from current and ongoing projects. Amy’s profound Stranded series and my own Dark Stores, Ghostboxes and Dead Malls. Some of the work is quite new from each, additionally Amy and I have 2 works each that give homage to each others projects. I can tell you trying to make Amy Stein photographs is a lot harder than I anticipated.
The spirit of this collaboration represents not only our long admiration and friendship but also our participation in the Piece of Cake collective. Which solidifies each of our nature to support and share from a community of respected artists. Hopefully there will be more POC shows with Caption in the future.
On Friday Ill be giving a gallery talk at Hous Projects in conjunction with the Versus show. Most likely I’ll be letting even more of the recent work hang out with the lecture.
The info:
Caption Gallery
Opens tonight at 6:30-8:30

Hous Projects
Additional info here on curator Ruben San Miguel Natal’s website
Lecture Friday at 5:30-7

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