In the summer of 2008 I was doing some photographing at the Scope Hamptons art fair. It was a pretty chill scene, the calm and luxurious Hamptons is a pretty fun backdrop for an art fair that provides lots of interesting places for after-party events.
While taking a break from the pictures a young muscle bound architect named Ruben Natal-SanMiguel and I began talking. As is often the case when I’m carrying around a 4×5 camera the conversation quickly turned around to photography. It appeared from the get go that Ruben knew a lot about the medium and it’s youngest practitioners. We talked for some time about Ruben’s own work and it’s connection to the tradition of the NY Photo League.
That particular summer I was in-hiding of sorts. I had began work on the Dark Stores, Ghostboxes and Dead Malls project and had truly convinced myself that no one would like that work, (night photos of dramatic empty buildings… flickr, please!). Regardless of that it was actually quite uplifting to simply not care and enjoy making the work.
While speaking with Ruben I mentioned that I too was interesting in social photography and the urban scape and shared some of the recent work on my phone. I believe Ruben was one of the first to see some of that work outside of friends. Ruben’s enthusiasm to it was a welcomed response and it dawned on him and I that we did know each other through his blog, and my work. We’ve stayed in touch since and it seems like I can’t throw a rock in any direction without Ruben’s name coming up. I can honestly say I’ve never met someone with so much energy and enthusiasm to the medium. He’s simply always up to something, whether that be panel discussions, his blog, his own work and more recently curating (Ruben, when do you have time to go to the Gym?!!).

His latest rabbit out of the hat is a group show that opens right after the new year.
Ruben’s premise of this for this show is to combine his interest for emerging artists and established ones in a series of pairings of the two.
Details below:
(ps.There will be a series of artist talks coinciding with the show, so keep an eye out)

January 7 – March 8, 2010
Opening Night January 7- 6:00PM-!0:00 PM

Brian Ulrich Vs. Alex Leme
Mickalene Thomas Vs. Nadine Rovner
Hank Willis Thomas Vs. Cara Phillips
Amy Elkins Vs. Molly Landreth
Matthew Pillsbury Vs. Kris Graves
Phil Toledano Vs. Elizabeth Fleming
Zoe Strauss Vs. Ruben Natal –San Miguel
Jen Davis Vs. Eric Ogden
Michael Wolf Vs. Gina LeVay

Hous Projects
31 howard street, 2nd floor
new york ny 10013
T 212.941.5801

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