Miami, Etc…

Tomorrow I head off to the annual Miami art fairs. I never have high hopes for this things which makes for pleasant surprises in work I might find (and no disappointment if I don’t). Moreso it’s a great time to catch up with the many friends and people I usually connect to only over the computer. Making the most of it by spending the following week photographing around central Florida.

You can see some of my recent work at:
Art Miami, Robert Koch Gallery, Booth B9

and at Pulse, Julie Saul Gallery will be showing some of our recent collaboration, a subscription series of small prints from the recent and upcoming Guggenheim trips.

They is already a few previews of the fair from the VIP night last night.
Here on Look Into My Owl.

I’d say see you at the beach but more likely i’ll be in late night parking lots.

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