New Web N Work


It’s been a long time coming if you’re reading this you’re looking at my new website. Hopefully it’s so seamless you won’t notice (;) but the new is the result of a lot of hard work from myself and many others.
First off, how to use it:
Not rocket science here but a few nice features we implemented that are subtle.
– When viewing a gallery of images you can advance to the next picture in a few ways. Clicking the image or arrow (duh) but also by using the forward or back arrow on your keyboard. Which I love.
– Pages are now able to link directly. If you like a picture and want to share it or email the link to a specific image or page, the url will direct you there.
– PDF’s or direct links are available in the press section (still in the process of updating many recent articles).

There are still little things we’ll be adding and updating more often as this format makes editing much easier for me. One of the reason the blog posts have been less than frequent was the clumsy blogger format which requires much time to post. WordPress makes life much easier for me, esp. while on the go.

I have to note that 2 of the new projects are in progress. Fair and Dark Stores (full titles Dark Stores, Ghostboxes and Dead Malls). There is not only a lot of work that’s been done that’s not edited yet but still a lot to do there as well as a whole component that are sculptures/foundobjects/things.
I started DS, GB, DM in May of last year in earnest and have been hog wild in chasing down closing stores and empty malls across the country. It’s been tons of fun but certainly not easy. Many people have been extremely helpful in the process of making the work, putting together the application, writing letters, spending late nights in parking lots, or last minute editing. Last summer SCAD student, Cory Scozzari interned with me and we began forming the basis for the newest project of Dark Stores, Ghost Boxes and Dead Malls. Cory drove, scouted, scanned, and got rained on while enthusiastically engaged in conversation and critique. Expect good things from Cory. Friends: Peter Baker, Laurel and Todd Berger, Monica and Evan Paksec, Johnathan SwaffordStephen Dirado, all opened their home to let me snooze it up, fed me and stayed up late to keep me company in sometimes sketchy areas (Todd gets the award for being out in major snowstorm). My studio assistant Kate Roger put her amazing photoshop skills to use on the sometimes elaborate work to make the prints, put together packages, researched and generally makes my life function and productive. Precision Imaging in Chicago spent countless hours fussing with me over getting 8×10 film processed correctly. As well hanging out in sketchy parking lots with a big expensive camera isn’t always safe, so quite a few people have helped me along on trips, Cassandra Davis (intern), Mike SchwartzDavid Robert ElliotPaul ClarkShannon BenineKatie AddcoxDaniel SheaLuke Burke (current intern), Jay SeawellIan WhitmoreAndrew McAllisterGreg Ruffing, Tanner Young, Sandy Carson (probably the most exhaustive and dangerous shoot ever), Melisa Oporto, Emily Wills, my wife, among others and a endless supply of peppermint life savers which helped keep me awake late.

Finally Jeremiah Chiu and Mike Bingaman of Plural are the holy souls responsible for the design and techie work on the backend. Music enthusiasts check Jeremiah’s band Icy Demons here.

So enjoy the new site, come back for updates and let me know if you come across bugs on different browsers, etc.

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