On the return from a great trip to Portugal and a week of amazing food, wine, ginja, fado music, some of the best collections of old masters works I’ve ever seen and a ton of time with my lady.

It’s always tricky to acclimate back to work from the mindset of time away. The pile of work I left is often thrice as high on the return (with exclamation points). My instinct is to take it slow and really plan the next set of trips and photographs. My studio is full of new work in progress which begs attention but more succinctly makes me want to head out the door to collect more.
For the past few months I’ve been working with the wonderful folks at Plural on the redesign of my website. It’s been long overdue and we had a lot of conversations on subtle changes that would enhance the experience of the work and integrate more of the conversations (I can’t tell you how happy i’ll be to get away from blogger). It’s going well and that intense amount of editing can be pretty helpful as I begin to plan for the final push into next year of editing and photographing for a larger book of all the Copia projects. The launch should happen this week and you’ll see two new projects (both in progress). Dark Stores, Ghostboxes and Dead Malls has gotten a fair share of attention already (note the pictures were not made for Time magazine but used by them in their feature Stores That Are No More). Fair is also ongoing and though I hesitate to put up work that is this early I can’t help but want to share some of the giggling I’ve been doing at some of the Art Fairs for the last few years.
In the meantime people are saying such kind things about the work still. First Todd Walker whose writing I’ve been a fan of for so long. Second tonight opens a group show at the Jen Bekman gallery called Summer Reading and Younga Park wrote up a nice preview here. If you’re in NYC go to see my picture along with pals Zoe Strauss, Alec Soth, Tom Allen, Kate Bingaman-Burt and many more including Ed Ruscha, Nina Katchadorian, Victor Schrager, Tim Walker and more.

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