My favorite George Tice

One shelf of hundreds

For once, nice to know someone has a file on me

James Nakagawa and I toasting (or getting toasted?)

Anna  Shteynshleyger arrives late and is fed by her new Fam.
Original application by Walker Evans. Excellent use of ‘non-tendentious’.
Spent last Wed with a cancelled flight and then a hour delay. Luckily made it only 1 1/2 hours late to the reception for the Guggenheim grant winners. Getting a Guggenheim is like getting a new set of Aunts Uncles and Cousins. The people at the Foundation all were so sweet and supportive and invited us back anytime. Anytime might be sooner as the Foundation is in an office that appears a lot more like a library. Filled with a history of important books and lined with vintage and recent photographs from grant winners, included a whole vitrine filled with all the correspondence of one Mr. Walker Evans. it this moment that as nose pressed against the glass it finally hit me what an honor and how symbolic this award is.Â

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