Art Chicago et al.

Columbus City Center, 2009

I’ve been buried in all kinds of good stuff. Printing for the upcoming show at Julie Saul, prepping work for Art Fairs, all the amazing response from the award, teaching, photographing, hanging out with coyotes at 5am…. busy days.

Today I’m headed up to Lawrence University to hang out with J. Shimon and J. Lindemann and their students and give a lecture. Tonight is a big night here in Chicago as the annual Art Chicago fair opens.
I’ll be previewing new and recent work from Dark Stores, Ghostboxes and Dead Malls at my galleries, Rhona Hoffman and Robert Koch. In addition Rhona will be showing one of my first 3 dimensional works which I still like to think of as photography but to everyone else looks like a large sign.Â
I’ll be back and around there on Friday. This Saturday I’ll be at the Aperture booth at the fair signing MP3 books with the MP3 1 gang (Kelli Connell and Justin Newhall) and the new blood (Curtis Mann, John Opera and Stacia Yeapanis) who celebrate the release of the MP3 volume 2.
There is a ton of other good stuff at the fair and in town this weekend (the opening of the School of the Art Institute MFA show on Friday, etc).
See you there and if not I promise to finish my oodles of half written blog posts soon.

Art Chicago The Merchandise Mart 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza,12th Floor Chicago, Illinois

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