I can’t tell you how ecstatic and thrilling it is to hear discussions in media outlets focused on frugality, sustainability and solutions to many long standing contemporary issues.

Worldview on Chicago Public Radio also adds some great dialogues where host Jerome McDonnell simply asks some smart questions and invites guests who have an agenda to share. Today’s was especially fantastic with a conversation (not an interview…yay!) with Peter Brown, a author and professor of Geology at McGill University in Montreal. Brown also wrote the book, Right Relationship, Building a Whole Earth Economy. He’s got some tough words to say but appropriate and finally people might just be ready to listen.
Check it out here, or mp3 here.

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    Brian et al,

    check out the amazing lecture that William McDonough gave at Stanford on his concept of Cradle to Cradle design. I could listen to it over and over.

    Also available on itunes U

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