Welcome to oh-nine. Just back from a day of driving, photographing and bagels with the ever entertaining Daniel Shea. We wandered malls, were treated for lunch, saw night-time light mirages, stole signs off buildings, stood out in cold making pictures and came to the conclusion that blogging about blogs is not time well spent.

It’s about what I’ve been up to from the holidays to the New Year, fighting the wind and snow to make a few pictures. Once you get the right mittens, outside can be a lot better than the internet even though who isn’t connected 24 7?
Tomorrow I’m back on the road again to Cleveland down through southern OH and back up through Indy (at least that’s sort of the plan, we’ll see what Mother Nature has in store). 
If you don’t have mittens, check this post by Ryan Anderson.
Or this one which is kind of weird, kind of cool, Mrs. Deane.
Matt Siber ends his Daylight Invites blogging with a bang.
Or lose hours on UbuWeb.
Get informed on author, activist Bill McKibben’s website.
Otherwise get some mittens, I hear there’s some good sales these days.

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