Robert Gibbs Portrait in NY Times Magazine

A few weeks ago my assistant Kate and I got to hang out in the Obama headquarters transition office here in Chicago.
The big ‘O’ was not around but I was there to make some portraits of new white house press secretary Robert Gibbs. A nice guy with a good sense of humor. We didn’t have a lot to work with as it was about 5 degrees outside but somehow we managed an office picture with almost every type of media possible (all that Marshall McLuhan reading must be rubbing off!).

NY Times article here

One of my favorite websites dedicated to a literacy discussion of photographs is chatting up the picture already. Though it seems some comments focus on symbolism over literacy, (perhaps this discounts my earlier discussions about ambiguity?! Hah).

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    It is always interesting to see the read of non-photographers. Makes me wish there was a means on the web to just get commentary from not-aesthetes. I often show my pictures to my wife (who has some sense of what I’m doing) or my mother or other relatives (who don’t) just to hear what they see. And I’m often amazed. Some get caught up in the minutia, like the symbolism of objects in the photos (which I mostly don’t stage… occasionally I do). And some see things I never would have seen, which often makes me rethink the photo.

    Nice work in a pinch and congrats on getting it published.

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