Photography Changes Everything

In Cleveland for the Midwest SPE conference. Made the long drive out here with friends and photographers, Katie Addcox and Shannon Benine. Long drives with good conversation and company makes it easier to leave the piles of work lingering at home (not to mention the lady and the dog).

This conference is focused on the changing role of photography as a medium as it becomes subsumed into digital technology. Last night curator Marvin Heiferman presented a fantastic project he’s been working on with the Smithsonian as well as other public collections of photographs held within cultural institutions. Marvin has always been thinking about the photograph and its use as it changes in the culture. Today this discussion seems more relevant than ever as it not only affects us ‘art kids’ but the education, documentary, journalistic and on the grandest scale our visualized understanding of ourselves.
The culmination of Marvin’s recent collaboration with these institutions is a website. It’s early stages exist here at the aptly titled;
Photography Changes Everything
(love this title as it’s so non cynical)

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