Barack and post 9-11 Shopping

Has Barack Obama been attending my lectures?
His quote from the debates earlier this week had my email inbox flowing…

You know, a lot of you remember the tragedy of 9/11 and where you were on that day and, you know, how all of the country was ready to come together and make enormous changes to make us not only safer, but to make us a better country and a more unified country.

And President Bush did some smart things at the outset, but one of the opportunities that was missed was, when he spoke to the American people, he said, “Go out and shop.”

That wasn’t the kind of call to service that I think the American people were looking for.


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    Yeah, when I heard him say that I was reminded of your lecture at Indiana University a couple of years ago. A sad sign of our times. Anyway, I check in on your work as well as Matt Siber’s. Great stuff.

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    Joey, Many thanks.
    You’ve go some good things going on as well. Love ‘Rec Room Kaboom’ collage

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