Fri. Night NYC / Summer Days

I’m buried in work, some editorial jobs and 2 large boxes of Blurb books just landed on my doorstep. Luckily I’ve had the pleasure of having Matt Austin and Victor Yanez-Lazcano helping me out on the jobs. It’s been an amazing summer so far and I’ve been making so much progress on new projects it’s invigorating. August slams back into production mode for shows this fall and it’s hard to make the switch from behind the camera to back in front of the computer.
No less, events, shows, lectures and travels are ahead and meeting up with distant friends is one of the best parts of the coming fall.
One show I’d love to attend is the opening of the current crop of Hot Shots at Jen Bekman Gallery. Most notably for my dear friend Colleen Plumb. Colleen has been making smart photographs of a tough concept for some time now. Her work explores our relationship to the natural world, specifically how we enlightened ones need to gain ownership and hierarchy through representation, manufacture and substitution of the real. Colleen’s one of the kindest people to boot. So sweat it out in the subway, sidewalk and tiny JB gallery and say hello to the unvirtual at the opening.
Hope to see you unvirtually myself soon.

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