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Thea in Studio, 2007

This evening opens a two person show between Jason Lazarus and myself here in Chicago. The Wright auction house here in Chicago began commissioning artists to interpret and explore Wright. Each artists gets one month of open access to the facilities and many objects before they go up for auction. Jason was the first commission followed by me and since Zoe Crosher, and most recently Amir Zaki.
The commission has become a catalyst for another idea I’m working at the moment looking at consumerism in the art world through it’s production of objects, artists themselves, art fairs and the sellers of the objects. This project is just beginning but I can tell you it’s one rife with anxiety (esp. when the objects I’m producing may eventually be on the gallery walls as well) and unlike a Wal Mart or Thrift store, many of the people in the pictures will most likely see themselves. It could end up in the proverbial trash but certainly worth a try.

This show has been organized by the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the photography department of Columbia College.

Opening Reception Thursday May 15th 5-7pm

City Gallery at the Historic Water Tower
806 North Michigan Ave.
Shows runs from May 16 – August 3, 2008

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    I’d certainly be excited to see that project.

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