Robert Adams and Papageorge

Eric Etheridge points me to this interesting post of his on an interview w/ one of my faves, Robert Adams. Discussing my even more favorite book of his, What We Bought the New World.
Back when I worked at a gallery, good friend Tom Gitterman gave a copy of this book as a parting gift when I decided to head to the midwest in pursuit of more photography time. It was quite the book and I referenced it many times over the years, lending it out to students until someone told me it was out of print and worth some cash. As much as I loved the book I remember always thinking specifically that with the shopping pictures a lot more could be done there. This was reinforced on a trip to the UK and seeing many of the prints in person at the Cruel and Tender exhibition.
When the MP3 book by Aperture came out last year, I sent Robert a copy with a note explaining what an influence his work was on mine and to my surprise promptly received one back.
Aperture recently re-published the also rare book of his, The New West, which I also recommend. A traveling exhibit of Adams work begins touring in 2010.

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  1. Posted April 9, 2008 at 3:57 pm | Permalink

    You should have stuck around in Portland a little longer. We could have stalked him out in Astoria and taken pictures of Robert Adams shopping!

    I’ve written to him as well and he’s always responded. What a cool guy!

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