Biggie Auction Time (Coast to Coast)

Untitled, 2006 Thrift 0609, c-print 30×40″ ed. 1/5
Quite an honor to be included in 2 auctions taking place later this week.
It’s also humbling to know that many of the organizations/venues many think have the powers to define artists are themselves struggling to get by as well. Art institutions are built on donations. Blindspot doesn’t run many ads at all so revenue is built upon your support. Auctions are a case where everyone wins as you can contribute and potentially go home with artwork.
Here’s the details:
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
La Jolla, CA

Untitled, 2005 Thrift 0509, c-print 30×40″ ed. 1/5
Blind Spot Auction
Thursday, April 10
Auction Preview at David Zwirner
April 8-10, 10am-6pm
David Zwirner
533 West 19th Street NYC 10011

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