This Is Gonna Be One More Night (I Miss)

Jason Lazarus
It’s been amazing this last year doing so much traveling. The downside though is I miss a lot of the openings and social stuff going on in Chicago. Tonight is one that downright hurts. Some really great shows I’ve been aching to see are opening. Indeed if you’re a 4 hour drive away from Chicago, I’d say get up and get behind the wheel.

Jason Lazarus This is gonna take one more night at Bucket Rider Gallery. Jason has been consistently producing stronger work that mixes his conceptual wit with a engaging social examination. He and I are working on a interview for the blog that you’ll see soon.

Craig Doty
Craig Doty 12×12 at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Craig also is a young photographer churning out great ideas for some time now. This new work features portraits of unsettling moments of frustration, awkwardness, and vulnerability.

Lastly at Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Robert Heinecken: Dream/Circles/Cycles. Surely Heinecken’s vintage works from 64-73 will provide some exciting new finds and rare examples of his photographic attacks on media and visual literacy.

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