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Last August I posted on proposed budget cuts to the Illinois State Arts Council. Arts funding has continued to dwindle in the United States for years now even though some of our superstarblockbusterfavorites were often only able to make their work through government support.
It is amazing that this is even an issue; art organizations, individual artists, museum exhibitions, etc… all get affected. Without grants the ability to survive as an arts organization or artist becomes dependent on commercial venues and profitability of art work. Your community of art depends upon venues, without support those venues will cease.

What you can do….
• Join the online petition here.
• If you live in Ohio or Texas vote 😉
• Demand that your states increase not decrease budget funding for the Arts.
• Spread the word.

Update: Ed Winkleman also takes up the cry for Arts Funding in relation to a certain democratic candidate from Illinois, and says it much more eloquently than me.


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    The problem is that bureaucrats often think of art as “fluff”; you need to make a financial argument to win them over.

    When I worked for museums in NY, we had a fact sheet about how much revenue cultural tourism brought into the city. There’s also a lot of data that a thriving art community is good for business and the tax base (because highly educated “brain” workers want to live places with a cultural life, even if they’re not in an art field themselves. In other words, the arts are what make it possible for all the banks, law firms, high tech companies, etc., to draw skilled workers to the city).

    If your local arts people aren’t familiar with Richard Florida’s book The Rise of the Creative Class, they should get a copy pronto. Here’s an article that summarizes the findings about how arts are essential for cities’ economies to thrive.


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    I received a response here. I have the lens board! It’s a comming!

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