I Can't Believe I'm Even Alive

How in the world could anyone stand for this fear mongering propaganda?
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    Oh god, help.

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    I think to emphasize the complete absurdity of this request and to not parake in useless stereotyping, people should call in every single photographer they see taking pictures in a public place. All day, every day.

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    “How in the world could anyone stand for this fear mongering propaganda?”

    The wording of this one-line commentary is, hopefully, just unfortunate, because it could be read in such a way as to suggest that the British people as a whole – and British photographers in particular – must be idiots for putting up with such a campaign.

    While everyone in the US is now so preoccupied with the issue of who will be next president, in America and elsewhere in the world the knock on effects of the ‘War on Terror’ initiated by the Bush administration are still being strongly felt, and the ad campaign cited in this post is but the most recent manifestation.

    P.S. Curtis Mann – I hereby invite you to come and stay with me in England then. Bring your camera.

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    I think what is unfortunate is your reading of the phrase as a ‘us vs. them’ statement.
    The word anyone means just that. We give away our rights daily. There is not one photographer who in a crowded street may not be conceived as suspicious.

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    f:lux, I was referring to the impossibility of differentiating between a terrorist photographer and someone like me (a bad photographer); Even if we are both photographing a security camera.

    But, I will be heading over next fall for a bit. Im pumped. Go Spurs.

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    OK Mr Ulrich. But no one I know is standing for it – all too busy sitting at their computers emailing the satirical versions of these ads to each other (and discussing what we can do about it).

    And you’re very welcome Mr Mann (email Lucy at f.luxpix@gmail.com), although… Spurs? Hmmm.

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    Sadly, I’m just waiting for the day I’ll be cuffed and flown off to a secret prison for making work on the street. At this moment I’ve been questioned or interrogated by security personal in five countries. Although I’ve now found its best to pretend to be a tourist and fiegn ignorance or stupidity. Anything else, such as trying to explain what I’m really doing, simply brings more scrutiny. Its walk the line, keep your eyes down, and don’t rock the boat. When I began working on the street 15 years ago, it was getting mugged that scared me the most (working on the street with expensive equipment), now its paranoid police and security personal.

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    Yeah, I think it’s disguting, I live in London and we are constantly subjected to fear and propaganda from the goverment, they get away with it because they seem to be little things that no one pays much attention to like benefit fraud and noe the hard line on terrorism is making people turn heads.


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