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Detail of Marden Manufacturing Chair, Wright Commission, 2007, 20×26″ c-print
Here in Chicago, the good folks who organize the annual Versionfest are having their annual auction tonight. With all the good goings and travels as of late I often miss all the local openings. This is another one that will be missed and too bad as there is bound to be a bounty of good art for sale and bargain to find. Check the names:

Cody Hudson, Judy Natal, Greg Stimac, Jason Lazarus, Michael T Rea, Mike Slattery, Seripop, Brian Ulrich, Paper Rad, Aron Gent, Sighn, Ryan Davies, Paul Nudd, Albert Stabler, Cayetano Ferrer, Jackie Kilmer, Rand Sevilla, Logan Bay, Ray Noland, Mike Genovese, Justin B Williams, Jeff Zimmerman, Alvaro Ilizarde, Jeremy Tubbs, Rivkah Young, Lukasz Wyszkowski, Marie Harten, JJ Stratford, Molly Delander, Tertou Uibopuu, Sarah Mckemie, Mimi Ruff, Brian Guido, Caitlin Arnold, Andrew McComb, Claudia Berns, Zack Abubeker, Philip Matesic, Nate Baker, Greg Gent, Anne Lass, Brian Sorg, Joseph Rynkiewicz, Victor Yanez-Lazcano, Michael DiGioia and others.

The info:

Friday, February 15, 2008, 7- 12 pm
Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan St
phone: 773.837.0145

A fundraiser for
April 17-27, 2008

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