Thrift Opening at Quality Pictures in Portland

It’s off one plane and on another these days (or wait on runways for hours). Thurs. we’re off to Portland for the opening of 13 pictures from Thrift at Quality Pictures. It’s my first show of the year and includes quite a few new pictures. It’s always an ordeal to get a show together, esp. a solo show. This one has been particularly hairy with everything seemingly last minute, the holidays, updating inventories and pricelists etc. Fingers crossed, we may actually pull it off. Some of the Thrift works also will be in a slightly smaller size, 20×26″ which work quite nicely with the others, (30×40″, 40×50 and 48×60″). Images will only be printed in 2 sizes, sometimes 1, in pretty small editions (5). Deciding on this stuff alone is enough to make ones head spin, let alone the printing. Thankfully i’ve had some time away photographing multi million dollar homes in Florida to curb the anxiety. It’ll be good to see it on the wall and visit friends, Scott and Shawn. Join us!

The details:
Opens Fri. Jan. 11th from 6-9pm
The opening is also a closing drive for Portland’s Thrift stores, so bring donations.

Brian Ulrich: Thrift
Jan. 11 – Mar. 1 2008
Quality Pictures
916 NW Hoyt
Portland, OR 97209

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