Chicago, IL 2004
Needless the picture says it all as of late:
finishing a commission.editing and production of book dummies.scanning and proofs for artfairs.research and planning for next project.update website with 1 years worth of new work. write on blog(check).leave the computer.talk to non virtual people.teaching.lesson plans.overdue prints.overdue everything.get supplies.archive negs.organize studio.more portraits.get closer.break habits.drive to OH.respond to the 3661 unread emails.new prescription for glasses.dentist.sleep.eat.video for windsor for the derby.find new football team to root for…
(I wouldn’t change it for a second)

ps. back up files.go digital.


  1. Posted October 29, 2007 at 11:23 pm | Permalink

    Going the digital was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I lost infinite inches off of my negative-binder-waist (waste), dropped two-million dust sizes, and now get to use lightroom. ~highly recomended~ The only downside is my lowered stamina for print size, but maybe this is what we all need to get away from the desire for J. wall-sized prints.

  2. Anonymous
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    yeah go digital.

    lose files.

    spend thousands on upgrades every year.

    next years camera will be better.

    next years software will be better.

    buy a big hard drive.

    buy another big hard drive.

    back up your files.

    back up your files again.

    yeah, digital is easier.

  3. Anonymous
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    (ps…I switched from film and it’s the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.)

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    Dear Friends, the digital comment was meant in jest, i.e. sarcasm, i.e. not worth talking about.

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    in that case, sorry for the unnecessary comment.

  6. Anonymous
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    It’s fine really. Unfortunately that discussion really serves camera manufactures above all.
    What is important is Midi or Mp3?

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    Let’s all go back to using oatmeal boxes for a while!!!

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