Classroom, Art Institute of Chicago, 2007
I love dry erase boards. Perhaps this is my next project, (from my class earlier today).


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    Don’t we all <3 Britney? These are so wild I would have loved to have heard the discussions.

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    Yeah, I agree with badaud, you are going to have to start recording your classes and putting them on Youtube.

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    Hmmm… yes that could be interesting. Very Joseph Beuys.

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    I don’t know what sort of teaching caused, was caused by, or inspired those words, but I wish I had been there. It feels like I’ve been over most of those boards in my head lately. It’d be nice to talk about it with others.

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    Indeed. It’s a blur and fun to make points using the D.E.B. Britney for instance was used to explain how we as a society create idols and celebrity to represent our hopes and desires. In that same sense we get as much satisfaction seeing them fail, it makes them human again and reaffirms our sense of self.

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    These are terrific! I see Matt Siber written, these are text with minimal context. In your hands this could be a fascinating project, a visual conversation.

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    I love the art=crazy people scribble.

    Some other boards – see also her series on computer desktops

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