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Photographer Chris Norris sends me this link to ‘gulp’ David Byrne (yes that one, artist, musician, large suit wearer) mentioning my work along with the Venice Biennial.
Holy shit….


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    whoa! sweeeeeet

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    nice! when DB namedrops me, i’ll be able to die happy.

  3. Anonymous
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    CS = Cindy Sherman

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    That is so cool…I personally would be honored!
    I was just talking about The Talking Heads the other day (recently re-bought Stop Making Sense) and I was saying that the only person I would pay a lot of money to see these days would be David Byrn…would need to be right up front for that.
    As an “80s clubber” he is a true Icon.

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    I certainly was honored Tara. In my mind, David is the skinny guy on stage at CBGB’s with a Fender Musicmaster guitar making those wonderful quirky serenades.

  7. Posted July 23, 2007 at 12:35 pm | Permalink

    radically cool, brian!

    i’ve just spent the weekend reading scores of reviews and takes on the biennale, and missed this one. his is one of the only ones i’ve come across to show work alongside work he’s thinking about–it’s nice to be thought of, not least of all by him!

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    That’s fucking great.

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