In still in the middle of moving and living out of boxes, (the end is near!) but I managed a jaunt out to Minneapolis for photographing and hanging with the wonderful Minneagraphers last week.
This weekend is another get away for the opening the show I juried for the Coalition of Photographic Arts. I have mixed feelings about jurying a show. It’s hard to look at that much work and get an understanding of what someone is really about. At worse it can be a way to make some quick enemies, at best it can be an introduction into lots of powerful and exciting new work. Luckily it seems so far I haven’t had any rotten fruit thrown at me and have indeed discovered some great stuff. In addition ‘being on the other side’ has given me a stronger understanding of how my own work gets presented on some of these situations (I have the rejection letters to prove it ;). But most important is that organizations like COPA are doing exactly what should be done by artists and art enthusiasts; building a community, creating opportunities for themselves and others, and generally giving more of their time and energy than humanly possible. (getting dramatic here).
I do have to thank Tara, Mel, Thom, Eddee, Suzanne, Mark, Jeff and most of all Sonja Thomsen for all their efforts and hard work on this show and for giving me the honor of being involved.

The events start tonight (7-27) with the opening from 4-9pm at the:
Walker’s Point Center for the Arts
911 W. National Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53204
(414) 672-2787

and continues Saturday (7-28) with a lecture by yours truly at 2pm also at the WPCA.
Bring heckles, decaying fruit and i’ll bring my raincoat.
See you there!

Some previews:

Brian Lesteberg

Chase Browder

Suzette Bross

David Robert Elliott

Evan Baden

Lily Mayfield

Mike Schwartz

and the list of artists:
Kate Anderson- MN, Donna Ascher – IL, Matt Austin – IL, Evan Baden – MN, Tara Bogart – WI, Suzette Bross – IL, Chase Browder – IL, Andrew Bruah – IL, Scot Demeranville -MN, Mark J. Doddato – IL, David Robert Elliott – WI, Mark Escribano – WI, Teri Fullerton – MN, Chad Hallblade – WI, Brian Jacobson – WI, Bethany Kalk – MN, Christy Karpinski – IL, Brian Lesteberg – MN, Lily Mayfield – IL, Donna Mleziva – WI, Chris Norris – WI, Ken Oppriecht – WI, Donald Rasmussen – IL, Mike Rebholz – WI, Jason Reblando – IL, Erika Ritzel – MN, Nadine Antoniette Reinke – IL, Mike Schwartz – IL, James Seder – WI, Tommy Sweeney – WI

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