Julian Montague, from the Stray Shopping Cart Project
Somehow Jon Gitelson and I have managing some time to curate a large photo show for the annual un-commercial Versionfest here in Chicago. This years line up is a bit more refined and hopes to showcase mini-shows of 10 of our favorite agraphers…
We launched a website, to announce the event. The show also coincides with the very commercial Art Chicago fair.
Needless next weekend should be a good time to visit the windy city. It’ll feature:
Amy Stein (New York, NY); Bill Sullivan (New York, NY); Jason Lazarus (Chicago, IL); Zoe Strauss (Philadelphia, PA); Shawnee Barton (Chicago, IL); Todd Deutsch (Minneapolis, MN); Michael Northrup (Baltimore, MD); Julian Montague (Buffalo, NY); Mary Farmilant (Chicago, IL); Jack Edinger (Chicago, IL)


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    I like the new format and the group of artists is great. Definately will be there to check out the work. Go version!

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