Email: December 17, 2006 12:42:03 AM CST

Hello! I am familiar with the last name Ulrich and familiar with some of the names-not the actual people or anything about them- on your web site..

One BIG QUESTION HOWEVER…why would those affiliated with you and your web site want to photo graph myself , write about, stalk and watch me haha

I am not a celebrity….never have been…do not socialize with any celebrities and never really have….do not travel in the “big Buck circle” that yourself and your associates apparently are a part of…have never been to NY, San Fransico, or Chicago…nor do I have any interest ever in going there..not “into” big cities h aha

Have never been to any of the BIG fancy Nighclubs that I see are affiliated with your group of associates….and have no interest in such ….its not my “thing”

Not fashion “model” material…although perfectly content with who/what I am haha

Not affiliated with any groups or organizations ….

Not dying as falsely reported by some for many years haha so no obituary required hahaha

Do not frequent art gallaries and never have…not even once..never got around to it or took the time to..Do not have any abilities by way of drawing at all or painting and thus not at all in your circle of artists and photographers..

So whats up with the apparent obsession of someone like myself…that would bring alleged top artists to have any interest in photo graphing me ….and all the obsession obsession that apparently exists ….on the end of your photo crew etc.


I just find it very very odd…..and to be honest….a pain in the butt haha

Considering there are certainly other objects – people etc worth your photo talents and all that ..and worthy of your apparent art gallaries etc.

I know others have been photo’ed too and all that…and they also had no interest in such….from your “artsy associates” -artists designers etc.

I am also aware that many many young people and others exist-that do in fact inspire to be famous models…famous people etc. And do love to be in the limelight–get lots of attention-travel in “Big fancy circles” etc. I suggest that the photo interest and talents or whatever of yourself and your art gallary and magazine and college professors etc…should be redirected in that direction…

This obsession of spying on others and photo graphing them that exists with your circle of associates…magazines etc. really must stop…or at least be directed to those of some news interest or those as I stated that wish to become “stars”

Myself..never in either group. haha

As stated, I do not know anything about yourself …and please do not take this as a threatening email or anything of that nature. Its more one of “curiousity” of who you are and why the showering of photo attention from artists etc.

Also- just for the record…I am one of those few people who never took the time to learn the name of movie actors…do not know the name of most musicians and groups out there except for the very top ones in my particular music not read not really read newspapers and never watch the news and do not intent to start haha Do not follow politics in any way and dont intend to haha

So again, I request that your group of photo people..liberal art interest people..kind of move along to someone more in “tune” with the goals and interests of whatever your group is about…those who can appreciate your goals and your gallery work etc




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    thats messed up!
    you have to fill us in with

  3. alec
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    Careful Brian. I’ve had one along these lines. Might want to look at this

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    hmmm…i dont get a very good vibe about this email, at all. i think i agree with alec here.

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  6. mel
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    The self-amusement threaded through the commentary is particularly unsettling.

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    wow, this is even better then the crazy spam, I have been getting:

    “you can remember, my child. Lulla, lulla, lullaby lulla, lulla, lullabyharmless Midsummer Night’s Dream.
    simple yet elegant manner in which Perdita conversed with his son didUrsula she cannot be so much without true judgment, as to refusebeing so friendless.
    bravery, and his own providential escape, he owned to them that he was

    different effect was produced to what the kind host intended forThe duke, who was a very brave man himself, said now in great anger,bravely wrought.Imogen was now at leisure to perform good services for her late
    sisters had done, or promise to love nothing else in the world. Whymaster’s steps from the first of his daughters’ ill usage to this sadThese and suchlike deeds alienated the minds of all his chief
    would no more disturb him and he was preparing to return home, when”

    it goes on like that for like 3 pages…

    this email is far more interesting is the a full name that you can google or myspace?

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    At this point Sue is a mystery. Thinking Alec you are right about the blogger stalker. ha ha. ha hahaha….
    Seriously, I hearby proclaim the Blogger Security Threat level for this blog to be yellow. Meaning a ‘heightened sense of suspicion’.

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    ps. See you all at our Big Fancy Nightclub.

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    wait, what are we supposed to do during threat level yellow?

    is this the one where i have to buy canned food, a butane stove, and a small boat?

    it’s all so confusing, these colors.

    i might have to contact the Department of Blogland Security to clarify.

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