Review Santa Fe 2007

I often get asked about how one gets their work in front of audiences through museums, galleries, books etc. One of thing that is centric to photograhy is annual portfolio reviews. Several of these have attained a good reputation for being organized and bringing strong professionals to meet and share work with. I have not attended Fotofest, Rhubarb-Rhubarb, or PhotoLucida., I can vouch for the Santa Fe Center for Photography’s Review Santa Fe. What’s nice about this one is:
• It’s juried so while a bit more difficult to get accepted to attend, the quality of the work by attendees is strong
• As a result of the above, you’ll be hanging with some great talent
• RSF coincides with the presitigious Santa Fe Prize for Photography (nomination only), The Project Competition and the Singular Image Prize.
• Santa Fe, NM is beautiful and home of lots of good food
• The SFCP consistently brings good great reviewers, which in my experience strayed away from the rhetoric of judging the work but focused on professional development.
It is a costly venture, travel expenses, hotel and the fee for RSF itself, but after the first day I certainly felt it was money well spent. Not only did I meet many great professionals which have led to some real results and good feedback, but more importantly met many photographers (Amy Stein, Todd Deutsch, William Lamson, Alison Hoekstra, Sonja Thomsen, and many more)
Finally, I didn’t get in the first time I applied but did the 2nd, so don’t get discouraged!

Deadline in Dec. 15th.


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    Thanks for the tip Brian. I like your work very much!

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    Melissa, Thanks much!

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    I entered last year and was wait listed and I plan on entering again this year. I have a question about your presentation. How did you present your work? Last year I sent 8×10 prints because I think there is something to be said about physically holding a print in your hand. Ultimately, I want my work to be viewed in the best way possible so I am curious as to how others presented their submissions.

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    Steve, I always try and send prints if possible. Though I do know some people who only send a website. 8×10 good quality inkjet prints seem to go a lot farther than CD’s IMO but it’s always hard to say.
    I’ve had quite a few curators tell me that sending finished exhibition size print always makes their job easier.

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