In the last 120 hours…

• prepped, dusted, color corrected to matched proofs 25 photographs for 3 shows (5 more to go)
• drove to Indiana University for 2 days to lecture (along with Jon Gitelson and Matt Siber who actually did the driving), hang with the amazing Ian Whitmore, Jeff Wolin, and Kevin Mooney, saw some of the most amazing new work I’ve seen in forever by Osamu James Nakagawa, and the rest of the fantastic MFA students there.
• paused for beer and the Bears game on Sunday night.
• Matt, Jon and I performed a lecture Monday night
• put together new inventory, mailing and invite lists for the galleries
• did some interviews
• had some sleep
• sent off packages
• deleted at least over a hundred spam emails daily
Wouldn’t change a thing (save for the spam)

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