Duchess Gets Airplay!

Good friends Katie Rashid and Kat Parker somehow manage to find time to run a project space gallery called Duchess. Both spend their days working at the Rhona Hoffman Gallery and ‘god knows when’ organizing national exhibits at Duchess.
The love em or hate em but all too necessary Bad At Sports podcast on the local and sometimes national art scene. They provide a strong connection and solidarity to the art community here. This week’s podcast interviews Kat and Katie, and besides the interviews being my favorite part of their program, this one highlights the practicalities of starting up a gallery. Quite a few of the BAS podcasts do a great job of dispelling art world myths from curatorial to artist to Kat and Katie here.
If you are in Chicago this Sat, Duchess presents Cold Hearts, an evening of icelandic films curated by Kelly Shindler and Deirdre Corley. I imagine you’ll hear sounds by everyone’s favorite Icelanders Sigur Ros as well.

1043 W. Grand Avenue, 4th FL
Chicago, Illinois 60622
Saturday, July 22, 2006
Screenings: 8pm & 10pm

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