The Best Secret Photo Show Ever (This Saturday)

Jason Lazarus

Excited to announce the opening of a show Greg Stimac and I are curating.
New Trends in Chicago Photography
As part of this years Version Fest opens this Saturday from 7:00 to 10:00
April 29 – May 6
3636 S Iron St 4th floor

This exhibition features works by over 40 photographers and features work by establishing emerging and unknown artists as an small sampling of the burgeoning scene of photography here in Chicago.

Paul D’Amato
Mary Farmilant
Matt Siber
Anna Shteynshleyger
Jen Davis
New Catalog
Howard Henry Chen
Jason Lazarus
Deborah Guzman
Nate Baker
Colleen Plumb
Jon Gitelson
Ken Fandell
Geoffrey Carr
Bill Guy
Cecil McDonald
JJ Sulin
Anna Cerniglia
Brian Sorg
Brandon Sorg
Johanna Wawro
Angela Watters
Nate Larson
Curtis Mann
John Zychowski
Marta Sasinowska
Alice Wells
Pieter Ombregt
Jack Edinger
Ben Pier
Christy Karpinski
Chase Browder
Willow Trischetta
Matt Cassel
Bryan Lear
Alyce McQueen
Justin Schmitz
Gideon Barnett
Erik Schubert
Shin Lim
Jason Reblando
Nick Feder
Jennifer Kowalewski

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