Pinch Me

Just back from the Armory Show. Amazing weekend in NYC. Highlights:
– Spencer Brownstone, Tiny Vices Show opening. All of MySpace showed up and generated sweat in the galleries, thankfully no polaroids got runny. Tim Barber is my hero.
– Running into Matti Bunzi, Billy Vaughn and half of the excellent New Catalogue on the sidewalk for giggles.
– Wrong Dancing, (along with Sonny Gallo and Jud Swafford) to goth and echo chamber performing at the Tiny Vices afterparty.
– Whitney Biennial, Paul Chan, Zoe Strauss, Jim O’Rourke, the entire middle floor, NY-ers discussing art and politics.
– Hanging out and great discussions with Bill Sullivan. I think we decided that Rineke Dijkstra puts all contemporary photo to rest.
– Rhona, Kat, and Katie at my gallery. Endless hours standing and answering same questions while your friends are running about seeing art and going to parties. Truly amazing endurance and love for this beautifully insane business.
– All the parts I don’t remember.
– Running into Johnathan and Jessica of Paperrad for ten seconds.
– Missing Wizardzz at not so secret brooklyn loft party for the 2nd time, (since when do bands start on time?) 🙁
– Driving back with many 4×5 photographing, (pictures forthcoming).

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