Friend Allen Frame pointed me to this interesting article in the new Art News magazine that mentions me along with some amazing company. Very surreal and nice!

‘A younger group has adopted the cool, objective approach of the New Topographics photographers from the 70s to document intimate scenarios and make sociological observations instead of purely geographic or environmental ones,’ Martin says. Her nominees for membership in this club, which favors medium- and large-format cameras for the crisp detail their negatives can provide, include Tim Davis, Doug DuBois, Jessica Todd Harper, Lisa Kereszi, Gillian Laub, An-my Le, Darrin Mickey, Matthew Monteith, Nicholas Prior, Taryn Simon, and Brian Ulrich.

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  1. gonzalo
    Posted March 5, 2006 at 6:16 pm | Permalink

    thats pretty fancy brian, ill hav to work hard to out do you on that one.

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