Ah…everytime i’m back there it’s quick to remind me why I left. ok, I’m being pessimistic, yes like everyone else my time in the city was hampered by the MTA strike, but that didn’t stop me from seeing some great work; Nick Nixon’s exhibit was amazing and proof that simply great pictures has more impact that fancy gimmicks and concepts, as did the Harry Callahan Portraits at Danzinger Gallery.
In addition, running into the beautifully accented Joerg Colberg who runs the fantastic blog, Conscientious. Joerg is working on a new project called ‘the Germans’ which has me super excited.
James Wagner and Barry Hoggard were so kind to let me rest my weary feet (yes 12th feet of snow uphill…) in their Chelsea apartment and peruse their amazing collection of painting, photography and sculpture. If you ever meet these two make sure James shows you his decaying thrift store painting in the bathroom. James and Barry also won the honor of being the only ones I was able to actually show the 14 30×40″ prints I had been lugging around the city for 3 days.
Lesley Martin at Aperture is from Akron, OH. Years of Devo and Klaus Nomi somehow had an excellent effect on her editing skills because she made my 40 pictures into 25 perfect little jewels. Let’s hope everyone else agrees this fall when the book comes out.
Lesley also may have shared her cold with me as I spent Xmas shivering and sweating with fever, (or perhaps I’m just allegic to the place).

Oh and there was a few pictures as well, which you’ll see here soon. As well as a performance, (tee hee).


  1. gonzalo
    Posted December 29, 2005 at 7:51 pm | Permalink

    preformance art?, brian jsut make sure its not tooo conceptual and it better not involve riding around in a motorcycle on martinique

  2. Posted January 2, 2006 at 12:25 pm | Permalink

    Terribly sorry I missed you while you were in town again. While the strike was on, I was completely consumed with getting some of my company’s staff to the office and back each day and then I bolted for Colorado over the holiday. Next time, next time. Happy 2006!

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