Minni Trip

A week ago, Jon Gitelson, Greg Stimac and I headed off to Minneapolis for the Photocentric Biennial opening. In short:
Went to the opening for the McKnight Fellowships winners Beth Dow, Alec Soth, Tobechi Tobechukwu and JoAnn Verburg all had some impressive work on view.
Had a blurry night on the town with Justin Newhall.
Spent the afternoon at the beautifully re-designed Walker Art Center.
Argued with rental car agents.
Only were asked to leave (Greg) from one establishment after a incident involving dancing and popcorn.
Met some old friends, Alec, George Slade, Paul Shambroom, Kerri Jameson at the MNCP opening and lots of new ones, including Chris Rauschenberg, Paul Schmelzer.
Performed only one e-brake slide, one hotel ice fight, and giggled ourselves to sleep only one of the nights.

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