Leica Awards

Trying to get ones work out and into the public eye can often feel daunting to say the least. Portfolio reviews, juried shows, sending out slides after slides after email can often get frustrating as well as costly. One of the best experiences I’ve had with a ‘competition’ has been the Leica Oskar Barnack Awards. Yes,they pick a ‘winner’ and even an honarable mention, but in addition they have done so much for the finalists. Since notifying me that I was a finalist, (see post from 7-05), they have shown my work at Arles, published my work in the german magazine Max, and I’ll also be included in an upcoming issue of Leica World. Never have I gotten so much milage from not winning something! They just announced next years application, so get on it. Certainly one of the better opportunities out there.


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    thanks for the tip . . .
    you the man

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    That’s terrific news, Brian. Congrats!

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