Is It Time Yet?

When the first criticisms came to the members of FEMA and Homeland Security, Chertoff and Co. were in fact the ones ‘dodging the bullet’, (at least trying), with the phrase ‘now is the time for action, we’ll eventually have a time for examining what went wrong’. Well I wonder how long it’s going to take the criticisms to turn to how this sad event turned into a for profit venture for Halliburton and the endless list of private security companies acting as National Guard. Reading the latest post from the guys at DirectNic who have somehow survived the whole event in downtown NOLA, has them interviewing some of these security personale on the streets,
Not only are these guys making $500.00 a day but when asked what they possibly could be ‘protecting’, one even conjures up the terrorism plea. Well once that word comes up, security firms will be making big bucks for months. Needless to say, anticipate an entire city under ‘guard’ for up to 4 months as they make their payday. Not that that money could go towards the actual citizens or even hiring the now thousands of homeless residents to rebuild. Iraq has the insurgents, the terrorists, NOLA…the snipers, the looters, lingering for months silently preying and waiting for that one perfect shot.


  1. Anonymous
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    For what it’s worth, I’m really impressed by all of your accomplishments. Hope you are well.

    jc from ny

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    JC as in Jen Cooke?

  3. Anonymous
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    that’s right

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