Sunday Pictures

Spent yesterday out in Gurnee with Greg Stimac photographing with the 4×5 and medium format cameras. Working on some new things and generally causing trouble at the mall. Greg and I spent too much time in some gaming store yelling ‘wog’ with some kids playing some war game and taking pictures. Strange, strange, world…Other notable incidents:
-Lost my dark cloth
-Convinced store manager that we were nude photographers and models
-Mall Maps
-Convinced another store manager that I was just ‘cleaning the mustard off my lens and not taking pictures’
-4×5 portraits at Great America amusement park
-Driving around suburbs listening for Greg’s new secret project
Afterwords headed to a little gathering in honor of Kerry Skarbakka MCA event tom. Which i’ll be helpng photograph. Good conversations with wine and spirits at Burt Michaels’ home. Thanks Burt.

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