Parlor Scouts

Back when I lived in Ohio and played in a band, I happened to meet this strange, talented, and hysterical girl named Autumn. She lived in a house in Youngstown with only a partial roof, random animals, and in the winters an industrial gas heater named Blasto, (the Flying Carpet People later nipped the name, blasto for a song title). Autumn once had me push her in a large fountain in a crowded public park and we were kicked out, giggling.
Anyways, she moved on to DC, and now fronts a band called the Parlor Scouts.
The Parlor Scouts are pure genius, and sound like circus music fronted by Lene Lovich. If I were still in a band I’d want to be in theirs.
They play tonight in NYC at Joe’s Pub
425 Lafayette St.
Wednesday June 29
11:00 PM

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